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The latest research from scientists is upending the way we think about getting older. No longer is it being viewed as a ‘dreadful inevitability’, but instead a puzzle that can be solved.

Welcome to Live Beyond Medical

We live in extraordinary times thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction. Our lives are getting longer - a baby born today in America has an average (projected) life span 20 years longer than one born in 1925. By 2035, adults age 65 and older will expectedly outnumber children under 18 for the first time ever.

  • Using Integrative Approaches

    Live Beyond Medical takes an integrative approach to complete wellness through personalized scientific solutions.

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to educate patients on healthy lifestyle choices, replacing all body deficiencies to provide equilibrium for a balance.

    We go further than solely focusing on symptoms

    We work on the intracellular level to enhance your overall quality of life.

Experience Our Integrative Approach to Complete Wellness


What are your goals?

Where is the practice located?

15071 S State Rd 7, Unit 300 Delray Beach, FL 33446

What can IV Nutrition do for me?

IV drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to: Improve immune health, Boost energy levels, Improve symptoms of depression, Improve anxiety, Improve mental clarity and cognitive function, Reduce the symptoms of migraines, Improve symptoms of asthma, and more!

What are the business hours?

Mon to Friday: 9am to 5pm, Saturday: 11am to 5pm, and Sunday: 11am to 5pm


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