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diagnostic biomarkers

A Live Beyond Medical, we put the health and wellness of our patients before anything else. That’s why we use a variety of ethical, medical procedures and tests to inform our patients on ways that they can personally improve their health. We also use medical procedures and tests to fix the biological or cosmetic issues of our patients. One biological test that we use to improve the health of our patients is that of diagnostic biomarkers.  

Diagnostic biomarkers are body molecules from your blood, body fluids, or tissue. Doctors test diagnostic biomarkers to see signs of good or poor health. For example, a doctor can look at a person’s biomarkers to see any structural changes in his or her genome. These genome structural changes can determine the chances of that person obtaining a particular type of cancer in the future.

Doctors can also test a person’s biomarkers to detect, identify, or track cancer as it appears and grows. Medical professionals can even use diagnostic biomarkers to come up with a plan for treatment that best suits your individual needs. 

Types of Diagnostic Biomarker Tests 

There are three different types of biomarker tests. These include chromosome tests, gene tests, and biochemical testing. All three of these types of diagnostic biomarker tests can help in the detection, diagnosis, or prevention of cancer. To help you understand the difference between the three types of biomarker tests, we’re going to educate you on all of them.

The Testing of Chromosome Diagnostic Biomarkers

When doctors perform chromosome diagnostic biomarker tests, they look for abnormal changes within the chromosomes. Examples of abnormal chromosome changes include parts of a chromosome being erased, expanded, switched, or translocated. 

When a part of a chromosome is translocated, it’s attached to a chromosome that it doesn’t belong to. The translocation of chromosomes is often a sign of cancer. In fact, chronic myelogenous leukemia is a type of blood cancer that translocation causes. 

Doctors detect leukemia by performing a diagnostic biomarker test. This type of biomarker test detects whether or not there is a Philadelphia chromosome in a person’s genome. The Philadelphia chromosome is created when a piece of chromosome 9 attaches to a piece of chromosome 22. The chromosome diagnostic biomarkers test that detects the Philadelphia chromosome in the body is called bone marrow cytogenetics. 

The Testing of Gene Diagnostic Biomarkers

Diagnostic biomarker tests that test genes do so one gene or piece of gene DNA at a time. These biomarker gene tests look for things such as extra gene copies, missing genes, or genes that were translocated. 

Small changes in your genes are due to gene mutations. For example, an altered chemical step in your DNA ladder is a gene mutation. 

Illnesses like breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and lung cancer are due to gene mutations. These gene mutations cause proteins in the body’s cells to be overactive. This then causes cancer cells to grow and divide. Doctors can determine what gene mutation caused a particular protein in the body to become overactive through DNA mutational analysis. 

Ultimately, doctors can use gene diagnostic biomarker testing to determine if a person has cancer or not. Once this is determined, the doctor will, once again, use diagnostic biomarkers testing to decide on a treatment plan. One common form of treatment for cancer is targeted therapy. 

The Testing of Biochemical Diagnostic Biomarkers

Doctors can also use the testing of biochemical diagnostic biomarkers to detect abnormal protein behavior due to gene mutations. Other biochemical diagnostic biomarker tests analyze the effects of cancer. For example, some doctors use biochemical diagnostic biomarker tests to see if there are chemicals in a person’s blood. This is because many cancers cause the level of chemicals in a person’s blood to increase. 

Therefore, if your blood chemical levels are abnormally high, this could be an indication of cancer. If your blood chemical levels are lower after treatment, it means that your cancer treatment is working. On the flip side, if your doctor notices that your blood chemical levels have increased greatly after receiving treatment, it means that your body isn’t responding to the treatment well.  

The Importance of Maintaining Good Physical Health Through Diagnostic Biomarker Testing

The best way to avoid obtaining cancer at all is to take good care of your physical health. That’s why it’s so important to eat a nutritious and balanced diet, exercise, and keep your immune system strong and healthy. If you don’t do these things, your body could one day deteriorate. Other factors that can lead to cancer include having a genetic predisposition for it, receiving extensive UV radiation from the sun, carcinogens from radioactive materials and asbestos, chronic substance use, etc.  

Live Beyond Medical is a strong believer that identifying the factors that can cause us to develop cancer and other illnesses can save our lives. This is because early cancer detection means fewer parts of the body that cancer has affected. 

Therefore, if you ever feel that something is wrong in your body, don’t hesitate to receive diagnostic biomarkers. Receiving diagnostic biomarker testing could be the difference between you noticing an illness in enough time to save your life, or not. If nothing else, doing so will give you peace of mind about the condition of your personal health.   

Live Beyond Is Here to Improve Your Health and Wellness

At Live Beyond, we have an integrative approach to health and wellness that provides individual solutions to your medical or cosmetic concerns or issues. We also offer age-specific and gender-specific diagnostic testing that can help you pinpoint your medical issues. 

Through our medical and cosmetic testing and services, we hope that all of our patients can live healthier and happier lives. We also hope to educate our patients on ways that they can improve their health and wellness on their own at home.

To learn more about Live Beyond Medical testing labs near Delray, Delray Beach, FL, feel free to contact us anytime. Our staff is more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. 


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