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Live Beyond Medical is a health and wellness center located in Delray Beach, FL. Here at Live Beyond Medical, we always put the needs of our patients and their well-being first. So, you can rest assured that you’re receiving quality care when receiving any sort of treatment at our facility. One particular service that we offer here at Live Beyond Medical is human tissue cell solutions, otherwise known as regenerative medicine. 

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the practice of healing, replacing, or regenerating cells, tissues, or organs in the body. The purpose of regenerative medicine is to restore parts of the body to a place of youthfulness and good health. Regenerative medicine in the form of human tissue cell solution helps repair tissue cells in the human body that are diseased, not working properly, or are injured in some way. 

What are Human Tissue Cells?

Human tissue cells are the cells in the human body from which all other cells are generated from. This is because human tissue cells are the cells that divide and form daughter cells. These daughter cells then become human tissue cells themselves or differentiate into other types of cells in the human body. For example, the daughter cells of human tissue cells can transform into blood cells, heart cells, or brain cells. 

Human Tissue Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Human tissue cells are vital to regenerative medicine and the function of human beings in general. This is because they are the only type of cells in the human body that can differentiate into other types of human cells depending on what the body needs. 

Due to their ability to transform into other bodily cells, people can use human tissue cells to help treat disorders, diseases, or bodily pain and inflammation. This is especially true since nearly all forms of diseases and disorders are connected to the dysfunction, injury, or disease of some type of human cells. 

Human tissue cell therapy can help treat individuals that suffer from everything from autoimmune disorders to diabetes, to even disorders like erectile dysfunction (ED), and more. Again, individuals can even use human tissue cell therapy to help treat chronic pain and inflammation. 

Human Tissue Cells for Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Since human tissue cells are used in regenerative medicine, they are a great tool to use in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine as well. This is because they can create new, young cells in parts of the body such as one’s hair and skin. One can even use human tissue cells for sexual rejuvenation by using them to revitalize cells in sexual organs. 

Essentially, people can potentially use human tissue cells for any form of human treatment. This is because human tissue cells stimulate tissue growth and healing in other cells of the body. 

Human Tissue Cells for Erectile Dysfunction

It’s believed that cavernous smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells play a significant role in one’s ability to get and maintain an erection. Therefore, men can use human tissue cell transplants to revitalize the health and condition of these types of cells, their surrounding cells, and the products secreted by their surrounding cells. 

This is especially true since human tissue cells can differentiate into a variety of cell types and secrete cytokines, growth factors, and extracurricular matrix molecules that can trigger certain responses from surrounding cells. 

Human tissue cells can rebuild penile blood vessels and reverse scarring penile tissue. They can also regenerate damaged nerves and rejuvenate healthy nitric oxide receptors. Due to all of these abilities, human tissue cell injections are the perfect way to treat erectile dysfunction. That’s why, here at Live Beyond Medical, one of our services is human tissue cell injections for erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Benefits of Human Tissue Cells for ED

There are many benefits to using human tissue cells to help treat erectile dysfunction. To prove how beneficial human tissue cells are for ED, here is a list of some of these benefits:

  • There are no drugs that are used when using human tissue cells to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Injecting human tissue cells into the penis area for ED is safe and effective.
  • Injecting human tissue cells into the body for erectile dysfunction is a simple in-office procedure.
  • When using human tissue cells to treat erectile dysfunction, there is an 80% success rate.
  • Recovery from using human tissue cells to treat ED is quick and there is no downtime.
  • There are no side effects when using human tissue cells for erectile dysfunction.
  • Injecting human tissue cells into the penile area to help treat ED creates better blood flow.
  • It creates longer and stronger erections.
  • It improves sensation in the penile area.

These are just a few of the possible benefits of using human tissue cells to help treat erectile dysfunction. You can speak with our professional team to learn more about how it can help you!

Human Tissue Cells for Musculoskeletal Injuries 

Orthopedic injuries such as muscle tears in the orthopedic area, injured tendons, and injured ligaments, are often difficult to treat. In fact, most injuries in the orthopedic area require invasive surgery to fix. On top of that, recovery from such injuries is very challenging, especially since orthopedic and musculoskeletal tissue groups have a low capacity to regenerate and heal. 

There are many different ways that people can develop musculoskeletal injuries. Many people develop musculoskeletal injuries while playing sports. Aging and overusing the muscles in the orthopedic area can also cause individuals to experience orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries. 

While some orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries can heal with rest, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications, others will never completely heal. Thus, individuals that suffer from such indefinite musculoskeletal injuries often chronically suffer from immense pain and restricted mobility. 

Constantly experiencing such severe pain and restricted mobility can prevent individuals from performing their daily activities. Therefore, many people that suffer from severe musculoskeletal injuries are desperately searching for a non-invasive way to treat their conditions without inducing side effects. This is where regenerative medicine therapy comes in. 

 Regenerative medicine therapy is arguably the most promising way to treat difficult musculoskeletal injuries. This is because regenerative medicine therapy can repair damaged tissues and cells in the human body by naturally regenerating new, healthy ones. 

Additionally, human tissue cells have the ability to become any type of human cell. This means that individuals can use human tissue cells to create new, healthy orthopedic/musculoskeletal cells. 

At Live Beyond Medical, patients that suffer from severe orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries can seek some relief by receiving one of our human tissue cell solutions services through regenerative medicine techniques. 

Benefits of Using Human Tissue Cells for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Just like when treating ED, there are many benefits of using human tissue cells to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Some of these benefits include:

  • Repaired tendons
  • Accelerated muscle repair
  • Can heal tears in rotator cuffs
  • Regenerated tissue regeneration
  • Regenerated cells that were damaged by spinal cord injuries
  • They use the natural body processes that are already within you to heal bones
  • They use collagen matrix to activate human tissue cells and help regrow bones

Human Tissue Cells for Osteoarthritis and Improved Joint Function

People can also use human tissue cells as a form of regenerative medicine for individuals that suffer from osteoarthritis and poor joint function.

Osteoarthritis, otherwise known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, is the wearing down of cartilage around bones and joints over time. This condition causes joint and bone stiffness, tenderness, locking, pain, and sometimes an effusion. 

When bones become less protected due to having less cartilage surrounding them as a result of osteoarthritis, they become exposed and damaged. This causes individuals with osteoarthritis to experience more pain, which in turn, causes them to want to move less. This lessening in movement can then negatively affect a person’s ligaments and cause muscle atrophy. 

Human tissue cell therapy uses stem cells to help treat some of the conditions and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis is for individuals whose bodies don’t respond to typical drug treatment for the disease. Individuals that want to rely on osteoarthritis medications less or want to reduce their severe pain and discomfort due to the disease may also be good candidates for stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. 

Also, human tissue cells can help repair damaged joints. It can do this by modulating the body’s immune response, delivering cells that can be directed to form cartilage, transplanting human tissue cells into cartilage, or regenerating an individual’s own cells. Regenerative medicine through the use of human tissue cells can also help repair diseased, injured, or dysfunctional tissue. 

Benefits from Human Tissue Cells for Osteoarthritis and Joint Function

There are many benefits that human tissue cells can provide for individuals that are suffering from osteoarthritis and joint function. Some of these benefits include:

  • Inflammation prevention
  • Creation of essential cartilage cells
  • Repair of damaged and dying cells
  • Release of cytokines proteins, which reduce pain and slow down the degeneration of cartilage

Receive Regenerative Medicine At Live Beyond Medical 

At Live Beyond Medical we offer regenerative medicine in the form of human tissue cells for various conditions. So, whether you’re looking to receive treatment for erectile dysfunction or some other condition that calls for regenerative medicine, we can help you. There are very few other health and wellness centers that can make that promise. 

We even offer regenerative medicine services for anti-aging and aesthetic purposes. So what are you waiting for?! If you want to repair the damage that’s been done to your body or get back that youthful glow that you once had, come seek regenerative medicine treatment at Live Beyond Medical. 

To learn more about our medical center and the various services that we offer, contact us today! We would love to hear from you!


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